USS Zumwalt Navy Destroyer

The USS Zumwalt is the first ship in it's class and also is named after ADMIRAL Elmo Russel Zumwalt Jr. The ship was laid down on 17 November 2011 and was launched on 28 October 2013. The ship was christened on 12 April 2014 and was commisioned on 15 October 2016.The Zumwalt class was designed with multimission capability. Unlike previous destroyer classes, designed primarily for deep-water combat, the Zumwalt class was designed to support ground forces in land attacks, in addition to the usual destroyer missions of anti-air, anti-surface, and antisubmarine warfare. The ships in the USS Zumwalt is class are the Zumwalt, Micheal Monsoor, and the Lyndon B. Johnson. They cost about 4 million dallors to build and in all with the other expences it cost about 22 Billion dollars. Below is a photo of the USS Zumwalt.

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